Annual Physicals, The Cornerstone of Preventive Healthcare

Your annual exam is the cornerstone of your preventive health care. At Simple Primary Care Solutions in Edmond, Oklahoma, Steven King, DO, offers comprehensive annual physical exams as part of the subscription service. These appointments help him monitor your health and provide treatments and advice to improve and protect your health. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Why do I need an annual physical exam?

If you feel healthy, you might not prioritize an annual physical exam. However, many health conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure, don’t cause symptoms in their early stages.

Your annual physical exam at Simple Primary Care Solutions is an opportunity to check in on your health and have the tests and screenings needed to identify the early signs of disease so that you can start treatment before your well-being suffers.  

Additionally, routine physicals allow you to develop a relationship with Dr. King. He gets to know you and your health and keeps detailed records of your visits so that any subtle changes in your health are easy to identify.

What should I expect during my annual physical exam?

When you check in for your annual physical exam, you’ll complete some paperwork before being called back into the office. A member of the Simple Primary Care Solutions team will check your height, weight, and blood pressure. If necessary, they’ll also take a blood sample.

Dr. King joins you and asks about your health, lifestyle, and any changes or symptoms you’ve noticed. He listens to your heart and lungs and looks into your eyes, ears, throat, and nose. Dr. King also feels your abdomen to check for any abnormalities in your liver or other organs.

Finally, depending on your age and your needs, Dr. King can perform any additional necessary health screenings. For example, women may need a Pap smear, pelvic exam, and breast exam and men may need a prostate cancer screening.

Dr. King will also talk to you about how you can improve your health with small changes to your lifestyle. Dr. King is committed to providing personalized preventive health care to help you reduce your risk of health complications.

What health screenings should I have during my annual exam?

Dr. King recommends health screenings depending on your age and other risk factors. You may need to start having certain screenings earlier if you have a family history of a disease or if you’re overweight. Generally, you should have the following screenings.

  • Blood pressure - at least once every two years
  • Cholesterol - every five years from the age of 20
  • Diabetes - every three years
  • Cervical cancer - every three years from the age of 21
  • Breast cancer - annually from the age of 40
  • Prostate cancer - annually from the age of 50
  • Colorectal cancer - every 10 years from the age of 50

Dr. King may also recommend skin exams to check for signs of skin cancer and other tests depending on your health.

If you’re due for an annual exam, call Simple Primary Care Solutions or make an appointment online today.