Patient Focused, Affordable Primary Care

Unlimited visits, no rushed appointments with a personal doctor focused on you health & well being for a low monthly price.

Direct Primary Care in Edmond, Oklahoma

Welcome to Simple Primary Care Solutions! Board-certified physician Steven King, DO, offers comprehensive family medicine services for patients of all ages at Simple Primary Care Solutions in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Our practice runs in a direct primary care model. This model is created to be focused on the patient....Read More

What is Direct Primary Healthcare?

Primary care encompasses the day-to-day medical care that you and your family need. It includes your annual physical exams and wellness checks and sick visits as well as preventive care and chronic disease management.

At Simple Primary Care Solutions, Dr. King and his team offer subscription-based primary care services for every member of your family

 The subscription includes unlimited office visits, 24/7 access to Dr. King, your annual physical exam, EKGs, skin biopsies  and more. They also offer in-office lab and pharmacy services at near-cost prices for your convenience.

How Direct Primary Care Benefits You

Low Monthly Payment

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you get access to a primary care physician

Unlimited Visits

Your health comes first! Come see your doctor as often as you need to.  

Easy to Stay in Touch

You get 24/7 access via phone or text to your doctor. Hear back within hours.. 

No Rushed Visits

Your personal doctor is dedicated to delivering the best healthcare for you.  

No Health Insurance

Your monthly membership includes all your healthcare costs other lab work and meds.

Tests & Medications at Cost

Delivered from our pharmacy. This keeps the cost of your healthcare as low as possible.

Join Simple Primary Care Solutions today!

We do not require co-pays or signup fees

Age 0-18

$29 per month 

Age 19-29

 $49 per month 

Age 30+

$79 per month 


Check what our patients say about us

I have been a patient of Dr. King for 17 years, and would recommend him to everyone. He is very thorough and caring, and has been very responsive to all my medical needs.

Mark A 

Dr. King always take the time to discuss my health issues and answer all my questions. I have been with him for several years and I am really happy with him.

Nelson W 

I love this model of healthcare and Dr. King was wonderful. His staff is incredibly efficient and so quick to respond. It is not just convenient to be able to get responses by chat, text or email but also to be confident that they take the time to hear your full concerns.

Sarah G

Dr. King Has been my Primary Care doctor for over 8 years. He treats me and my family. His caring and through approach to intentional care is why we all continue our relationship with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a physician who takes his time to know his patients.

Denise D

Contact Details

  • 1759 W. 33rd Street, Suite 110, Edmond, OK, 73013, USA
  • [email protected].net
  • (405) 696-5442